Whatever Doesn’t Kill You

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Published by: SheBooks
Release Date: November 1, 2014
Pages: 196
ISBN13: 978-1940838748



Shebooks, a publisher of short e-books by and for women, has compiled its best memoirs into this print anthology. In “Ricochet: Two women war reporters and a friendship under fire,” award-winning journalist Mary Jo McConahay explores the personal toll of war reporting in Central America. Playwright and author Barbara Graham’s delicate “Camp Paradox” takes on the taboo topic of women abusing younger girls. Susan Ito’s “The Mouse Room” is the quirky tale of a young woman working in a genetics lab trying to find her own birth mother. Author Faith Adiele’s “The Nigerian-Nordic Girls’ Guide to Lady Problems” makes a trip to the gynecologist’s office funny, while exposing racial disparities in women’s health care. Award-winning short story writer Ethel Rohan’s “Out of Dublin” is an exquisite tale of emotional survival. In the gorgeous “Nest. Flight. Sky.” memoirist Beth Kephart muses on her mother’s death and her new-found obsession with birds. All these memoirs are brave and beautifully written. These women use the power of writing to understand and overcome challenges in true life stories that are an inspiration for all of us. “Shebooks are essential for a well-read life”-- Caroline Leavitt, author of Pictures of You