Writing Mentor & Editor

I’m passionate about storytelling and bring years of experience as an author and editor to aid writers in discovering their unique voice, shape their material and bring their work to life. My editorial services include everything from reading and reviewing finished manuscripts to helping authors develop projects from conception to completion. Several of the titles I’ve worked on have become New York Times, national and international bestsellers.

Sample Testimonials

“Writing and editing genius extraordinaire, Barbara sprinkled magic dust throughout my book and transformed it into a bestseller. I am eternally grateful.”
-Mark Wolynn, author It Didn’t Start with You
“When Barbara read my memoir, she gave me honest feedback: My work had potential but was not publishable. She coached me to find the narrative thread in my story, then stayed through the editing process to help me refine and polish my manuscript. Her faith that I could bring my writing to another level and publish it was a priceless gift.”
-Susan Rudnick, author Edna’s Gift
“Barbara is a gifted and insightful editor. She has helped me immeasurably with encouraging and spot-on suggestions.”
-Laura Hilgers, journalist and essayist
“Barbara is hands-down the best editor, writing mentor, and book whisperer I’ve met in thirty-plus years in the publishing business. She has an extraordinary ability to elicit a writer’s best work and guide her toward realizing her creative goals.”
-Mark Matousek, award-winning author and writing teacher
“Barbara is a tremendously talented writer and editor who put aside her own work to help me when I needed it most. Her broad knowledge of topics such as meditation, trauma and gratitude, combined with her humor and kindness and fundamental know-how of the mechanics of writing made her contribution invaluable.”
-Sharon Salzberg, New York Times bestselling author Real Happiness and Real Love
“I couldn’t have asked for a better midwife for my book. From the start, I felt that I was in very wise, loving hands. Barbara’s vast experience and objective assessment were immensely helpful, but I also appreciated the collaborative spirit and genuine interest she brought to the journey.”
-Annette Knopp – meditation teacher, somatic counselor and shamanic practitioner

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